Zultys - Fax Driver


64bit - Driver Download

32bit - Driver Download


Installing applications will require administrator access.
  1. Download the application from above.
  2. Run the application and follow on screen steps until complete.
  3. Reboot the computer.
  4. Open computer settings, and search for printers and scanners. Locate Zultys Fax 2.0 and click on it, then click Manage. (fig. 1)
  5. Click on Printing preferences. In the new window select the “Device Settings” Tab. Check the create faxable image box, and the 204x196 DPI Fine Fax radio button. (fig. 2)
  6. Hit apply and then close out of all settings menus.
fig. 1
fig. 2


  1. Open a document in the application of your choice (Word, PDF reader, etc). Select Zultys Fax 2.0 in the printer drop down. (fig. 3)
  2. Hit Print.
  3. ZAC will open with the document loaded as a fax. Enter the fax number in the To field and send it.
fig. 3
fig. 4