Problems with Caller ID Name

Problems with Caller ID Name


Smartphone manufacturers now offer robust caller ID related features designed to enhance caller identification and warn users about potentially dangerous spam callers.

When turned on, these features can utilize a third-party database to retrieve information such as calling party name and spam risk level, which is displayed while the phone is ringing.

Sometimes, the third-party database may contain incorrect information about your phone number and business name. This can cause your phone calls to display the wrong business name when you call one cellphone number, and the correct business name when you call a different cellphone or landline number.

How is Caller ID Name Determined?

The name that is displayed when you call someone is determined based on the following criteria:

  1. Is the number saved in the called party’s contact list? The name displayed is from the contact list.
  2. Does the called party have Caller ID Spam Protection turned on? The name is retrieved from a third-party database.
  3. Does the called party’s service provider support caller ID name (CNAM)? The name displayed is the name your phone system is sending out.
  4. The service provider does not support CNAM and spam protection is turned off– There is no name displayed, or the name is related to a location, such as British Columbia.

Is there a Solution?

Caller ID name is a best effort service. No service provider can guarantee your business name will be displayed to every person you call, but you can take steps to ensure the wrong name is not displayed.

To correct inaccurate information stored in the third-party database used by some major smartphone manufacturers, please fill out and submit this form.

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